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Are you looking for quality carpet cleaning services at affordable rates? Maybe you are looking for tile & grout cleaning services? Whatever the case may be, Michael’s Carpet Care, Tile & Grout is the reputable contractor located in McKinney, TX that does it all. We provide all kinds of floor maintenance services but our true specialties are carpet and rug cleaning. Our services are also suitable for furniture. Stay on this page for more detailed information about everything that we do.

Residential & Commercial Flooring Services

We specialize in ECO-friendly carpet cleaning services but we also offer all kinds of floor maintenance options such as tile, laminate, vinyl tile, and others. We are the reputable residential flooring contractor that will not only take care of your new floor installation but also help you restore your old one if needed. We efficiently take care of tough stains, odor removal, but feel free to contact us just for a regular cleaning. Keep in mind that regular carpet and rug care is recommended not just for the good condition of your carpet but your health as well.

Work Process

Whether you need regularly scheduled or a one-time carpet care service, we are the company to contact. Call us to book an appointment at a time and date preferred by you. Also, feel free to contact us for any other floor maintenance needs. Our services are affordable and the methods ECO-friendly.

Based in McKinney, TX, Michael’s Carpet Care, Tile & Grout is the green carpet cleaning company to contact if you need any of the services we provide. To learn more or set up your appointment, call us today

More About Our Carpet Cleaning Company

Michael’s Carpet Care, Tile & Grout is the reputable carpet cleaning contractor in McKinney, TX that you can trust with your flooring projects. You can read more about our carpet care and other flooring options, on this website’s Homepage. Stay here to see the company’s story and see why choosing us is the smart thing to do.
Why Turn to Us?

  • Experience – Our carpet cleaning company has been in business since 2001.
  • Licensed – We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Texas.
  • Affordable Rates – We offer our services at affordable rates. Even though our rates are low, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with the high quality we will deliver.
  • ECO-Friendly – We efficiently clean carpets and rugs, using products that are safe for children and pets.
  • Residential & Commercial – No project is too big or small for us and we take on both residential and commercial projects, which we complete with great professionalism and attention to every little detail.

Michael’s carpet care and grout has been doing carpet tile and grout for over 30 years. The system used is an all-green dry cleaning system which ensures elimination of all problems in carpet cleaning.

Advantages of dry cleaning:

  • carpet is immediately dry
  • no downtime
  • no soap used, no residue left
  • no reoccurring stains
  • uses 95% all-green cleaning agents and 5% water
  • carpet stays cleaner longer because no detergent is used
  • vacuuming is easier
  • service takes time, but guarantees excellent quality


Disadvantages of steam cleaning:


  • wet carpet
  • downtime
  • carpet gets dirty faster due to residue left
  • reoccurring stains
  • water is unnecessarily hot
  • uses 90% water and approximately 10% detergent
  • the leaving of detergent makes the carpet look dingy
  • high speed cleaning does ensures bad quality Carpet cleaning.


Based in McKinney, TX, Michael’s Carpet Care, Tile & Grout is the company to contact if you need tile or carpet care services of any kind. We also provide services in many of the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (972) 302-6268 to book your appointment today!

I began doing carpets and tile when I was just 19 and I am now 51. There is none better, I put my heart and soul into my work you must be the best you possible. Passion and pride in what I do pushes and drives me to continue astonishing customers with excellent quality and great service. My process allows my customers to be free of all the problems in carpet cleaning caused by steam cleaners that just want to get in and out and on to the next job. Green, clean, dry, soap and residue free is the best way to go in 2018. Remember if they leave your carpet wet it’s not finished yet, if you must wait for it to dry I promise it’s all a huge lie.

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